Nowadays, particularly in Khandesh, winds of distrusts are flowing in Co-operative concerns be it in a Banking or Institutions and whereas due to plethora of malfunction, irregularity & wastefulness most of urban co-operative banks, credit societies in difficult situation. The Hasti Co-Op. Bank, of which Head Office is at Dondaicha, standing like Solid Mountain amidst. It's President's stern principled role, professional & practical approach & ready to get change as per the need of time & keep in mind importance to remain practical, is open secret of the success of the Bank.
     In his own words, while functioning as a President of the Bank "I do never think of or differentiate in caste, creed or religion while disbursing loan, if am confirm that money will must be returned back, then & then only loans are disbursed and, regarding introducing any of scheme. I do design those by giving priority to the betterment of all of communities", while explaining success story of the bank a special radiance was brightening over his face. As when gold goes under difficult ordeal it gets superb brightness like that bank has gone under most difficult ordeal since its inception & marching ahead successfully for last three decades.
Late Shri Hastimalji Jain incepted this bank in 1971 and right from the beginning and that also even from registration of the bank, established assembly in town at that time, had formed innumerable difficulties. But, since the mission was genuine, it had been judged & examined by then Co-Operative Registrar of Pune, who immediately granted a special permission and thus, banking services started.
     This bank has been founded on Late Shri. Hastimalji's accuracy, honesty & transparent tri-formula working style and after passing away of Hastimalji, an exact convention is been continued by his both of dutiful sons, Shri. Shantilalji & Shri. Kantilalji took active & efficient participation in Bank, which kept bank in special standing amongst Co-Operative Bank, and got well acclamation & prestige all of these years and whereas Co-Operative Banks & Credit Societies are under tremendous difficulty & trauma, The Hasti Co-Op Bank is firmly standing on its own foot and have secured continuously Audit Class "A" right from its foundation.
     Dondaicha is located in-between Dhule & Nandurbar Districts, and it's not a Taluka place even. But, have tremendous business opportunities as it has Surat-Bhusawal Railway Line, Major Market for Business of Chili & Cotton Ginning and because of this it is a good market for businessman and in such a small town, this bank named, The Hasti Co-Operative Bank being founded three decades back has been continuously in progress & have extended its Branch offices at Dhule, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Shindkheda, Sakri, Akkalkuwa, Shahada, Pimpalner & Songir towns, it is most importantly noted here that most of branch buildings are bank's own properties.
     And, it's fact that if Chief of any of institution will be positive, enterprising & strict as far Rule & Regulations are concerned, he could run his institution consistently progressive even in difficult time and best example for this is, The Hasti Co.-Op. Bank Ltd., Dondaicha. Its most importantly noted here that Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has kept only certain banks under Grade One out of 658 Banks in Maharashtra and The Hast Co-Op. Bank Ltd., Dondaicha is incorporated among the Grade One Bank that is prestigious fact. It's also first ever Bank in Urban Co-Op. Banks of Maharashtra. Which has been accredited with an ISO 9001:2000 Certification for its Administration & Social Work? The Bank has been glorified as a 3rd bank by Banks Federation for having Deposits over 100 Crores under the group. And, as Bank's BOD has started unique scheme of reimbursement of expenses of Stamp Duty, which is compulsorily required while disbursing any of Major Loans, such policy of banks BODs has recorded good response from its borrowing members.
     And, due to enormous changes in modern times in Economical, Computerization and Social Structures bank has undertaken innovative projects. It's first ever bank, which has introduced Mrutyunjay Scheme, under which, if participated member passes away noted nominee will be reimbursed Rs. 10,000/- and under this coveted scheme, till the date, 570 Members are benefited & accordingly Rs. 46,86,000/- are paid to its beneficiaries.
     Also, JPA Insurance Scheme is another novel scheme that bank has introduced & till the date Rs. 53,00,000/- are sanctioned & to reciprocate social responsibility, bank with cooperation of its members started different projects viz. Hasti Charitable Trust, Hasti Multipurpose Cultural Center & Hasti Public School & Project of Water Submersible Pumps and regarding Drinking Water, bank has built up town well at Dondaicha and also at Shahada with the Co-operation of Municipality has built a water tank and at certain villages bank has also fixed pump over Wells & Bore wells.
     While doing all of these activities, bank has not neglected environmental equilibrium and at great extent trees are planted around the bank, School & Cultural center. Recently, blood donation camps were being organized by Hasti Charitable Trust and around 750 odd donors have donated blood, which in itself is a record. Jain family insists upon good banking services & finance among needy people in the society that to be repaid at appropriate & on easy installments methods. Kantilalji Jain has a sidelong glance that Bank & Personal dealings should not be jumbled or messed up and because of that only bank is famous in public & in co-operative sector.
     Shri. Shantilalji & Kantilalji Jain own Cold strorages at Jalgaon, Nandurbar, and Shahada & Dondaicha. Gram Flour & Processing of Peas & Beans Factory at Dondaicha & have Real Estate Business at Pune. Their sons, Shri. Madanlal, Ashok, Kisho, Kailas & Pradeep have attained stability in their respective business & their all of sons, daughters and son-in -laws & grandsons have acquired higher educations & thus have accomplished elegant reunion of Laxmi & Saraswati and Because of wife Sau. Chandrawati's Competent accompany it has been possible to live successful family & social life. & because of his I suppose myself to be contended, happy & satisfied person in the world, such sentiments expressed by Kantilalji.
     Further he opined that RBI's Policy to cut down banks having limited liabilities & deposits is dangerous, as these banks are backbone to the common peoples of rural & semi urban area and hence, this bank should be retained expects Kantilalji.
     And, further expressed his interim intention that in coming time Banks banking services will be fully computerized and will have branch connectivity and once it will be completed it would be possible to have anywhere banking, mobile banking, Tele Banking, Internet Banking and also possible to make available facility of ATM Services.


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